ISIC cards


ISIC (International Student Identity Card) is the only international student certificate that demonstrates student status not only in Lithuania, but also in 130 other countries. ISIC is issued to full-time students (colleges and universities) on the basis of the information provided in the student register.

Come to us and get ISIC student card in 5 min.:
- Bring a personal identification document (passport, identity card or driving license);
- Take a photo of you (or bring a 3 x 4 cm documentary);
Foreign students must be able to prove they are currently studying full time at college or university.

Therefore, they must submit an official document (Confirmation) that:
- States you are a full time student at your university or college;
- Indicates the end date of your studies;
- Is dated and signed;
- Has been issued not later than 3 months ago

If you want to upload your own photo and save time - order a card online at and choose a pick-up location:

After completing the form, you can come to the ISIC/ITIC issuing point immediately, because ISIC card is being made just after you pay for it.

ISIC student card advantages:
- ISIC International Student Card confirms student status not only in Lithuania but also in 130 countries;
- Student public transport benefit in city buses, trolleybuses and minibuses;
- A student-centered public transport facilitation for coaches and trains;
- Discounts for students in more than 1,000 places in Lithuania and over 40,000 locations worldwide;
- Integrated Vilnius / Kaunas electronic public transport ticket;

The validity of ISIC student card is fixed:
- It starts from 1st of September of each year and lasts for 1 academic year (up to 16 months).
- For students of the last year ISIC is valid until 30th of September, 2019 OR until 30th of May when the study period is shorter than usual (eg. 3.5 years or 1.5 years).

ISIC student card price:
- ISIC student card price -  9 EUR;
- ISIC with integrated electronic public transport ticket price - 10 EUR.

More information:  - - +370 5 2397396